Teaching Philosophy

I maintain a strong commitment to an interactive classroom style designed to motivate students and promote critical thinking. I try to make learning interesting, exciting, and fun for students by mixing presentations, case studies, and real-life projects in a hands-on environment. I perceive myself to be a demanding teacher, tough but fair, challenging but also very humane. I challenge my students to take an active role in their education and invite them to join me as partners in the learning process. I encourage student participation in each and every class that I teach. I continually strive to blend theory and practice and to remind students of the many “out of textbook” issues and implications inherent in managerial decision making. I capitalize on my students' strengths and empower them to overcome their weaknesses.


Software Development Projects

http://d-code.us/ http://d-cide.us/ http://b-wise.us/ README SAS
D-code D-cide B-wise SAS

Teaching and Course Projects

Paderborn University Banking Project MSF Project

Business Systems & Analytics Programs

B.S., M.B.A., M.S.