Teaching Philosophy

I am strongly committed to an interactive classroom style that motivates students and promotes critical thinking. I try to make learning interesting, exciting, and fun for students by mixing presentations, case studies, and real-life projects in a hands-on environment. I perceive myself as a demanding teacher, tough but fair, challenging but also very humane. I challenge my students to take an active role in their education and invite them to join me as partners in the learning process. I encourage student participation in each and every class that I teach. I continually strive to blend theory and practice and remind students of the many “out of textbook” issues and implications of managerial decision-making. I capitalize on my students’ strengths and empower them to overcome their weaknesses.

I tell my students we solve problems and make decisions with every breath — using our hearts and heads, in bedrooms and boardrooms, on canvas, and on a computer. While some problems are solved by habit, others are complex and difficult to solve. Business analytics is the science of using quantitative methods and technology to solve problems and derive meaning from data to make informed decisions. I teach my students that decision-making is a balancing act on a three-legged stool of analysis, judgment, and action. To make informed decisions, we must keep these three legs even while juggling fact and fiction, knowledge and ignorance, good and evil, known and unknown, or instinct and experience. If we cannot keep the three legs stable, we fall to the ground.


Software Development Projects

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Teaching and Course Projects

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